YouTuber Recommendations (FACT SPEW: CHOCOLATE)

Here’s a highly-incomplete list of YouTubers and why you should check them out.

This is about YouTubers that I’m subscribed to at this moment. Here’s a highly-incomplete list of YouTubers and why you should check them out. WARNING: OPINION PIECE.

  • A+Start, showing off video game glitches.
  • Alpharad, entertaining people with the wonders of For Glory on Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii U.
  • CinemaSins, known for pointing out everything wrong with movies in a humorous manner.
  • Corridor, making epic, movie-quality shorts.
  • DidYouKnowGaming, spewing fun facts about video games.
  • DONG, showing you things to do online, for free, when you have nothing better to do.
  • Extra Credits, teaching you game design… or history.
  • Extra Play, the result of mixing Extra Credits with let’s plays.
  • Game Grumps, talking shit while somehow being fun while playing games.
  • Grian, teaching how to make things look nice in Minecraft.
  • Jacksepticeye, full of happy energy and does let’s plays.
  • JonTronShow, going insane by watching movies.
  • Jordan Underneath, turning depression into art by reviewing video games.
  • Kurzgesagt (In a Nutshell), speaking about problems of the world or wonders of the universe.
  • Node, playing games together, especially VR and Airsoft/Nerf games.
  • RocketJump, making comedic, movie-quality shorts.
  • That One Video Gamer, aka The Completionist, reviewing video games from a completionist’s point of view.
  • Vsauce, Vsauce2, and Vsauce3, videos about things such as different levels of infinity, or our 100-thousand year war with snakes, or the time it would take to reach Mars.

Sorry that this post was half-assed, but this week sucked so hard that the vacuum of space is jealous, so… justified maybe perhaps? Um… The Arabic script looks cool. How about a Fact Spew?

FACT SPEW: Chocolate!

Chocolate can help with relaxation. Chocolate helps lower the risk of heart disease. Chocolate protects against tooth decay. Chocolate can kill dogs and cats. Don’t you, yourself, eat 22 lbs. of chocolate, that’s lethal. Hot chocolate tastes better in orange cups. Look out for chips dipped in chocolate.

YouTube on Mobile (FACT SPEW: Spyro Super Jump)

I’ve got an iPod, 5th gen, that I can watch YouTube on. Here’s my advice.

The two laptops I’ve owned, including this one, were old and made watching YouTube on them as unfun as getting slapped. Thankfully, I’ve got an iPod, 5th gen, that I can watch YouTube on. Here’s my advice.

Don’t use the YouTube app. It loads far too slowly, crashes often, etc. Instead, use the web page. It still isn’t perfect, as often videos will load without image or without sound, sometimes the web page will load without HTML magic, a lot of links in descriptions will be cut off, you can’t upload using it, etc., but you’ll be hard-pressed to accidentally have a crash while watching shenanigans, and it’s incredibly faster. Probably the biggest issue for now is that you can’t click any notification bells on the mobile website.

Sorry that this post is so short. I decided to write about this, but too far in I realized that there isn’t enough meat for me to craft with. So it’s time for…

FACT SPEW: Spyro Super Jump!

In Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, known as Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer in Europe, you can perform a jump tall enough to get to areas you weren’t meant to go.

Don’t move, just jump and, somewhere around two thirds of the way through your jump, charge. Don’t let go of jump. You should leap a big higher than you could otherwise.

Here’s the first place (to my knowledge) that you can utilize this. In Glimmer, in the area before the caves, enter the fancy gazebo and jump up to the second pillar platform. This should be where you’d get your orb if you brutally slay all of the little brown lizards. Now go to the edge, facing the cliff. Perform your super jump and, at the top of your super jump, glide to the hills and then hover onto it. Enjoy the view.