Cats and Dogs and Other Pets

I held it off long enough, I’m going to speak of my cats and dogs throughout my remembered history. Bubbles, Angel, Felix, Grizzly, Daisy, Hunter, Diesel.

I held it off long enough, I’m going to speak of my cats and dogs throughout my remembered history.

The farthest back I can remember is a time when I had the following pets. The oldest cat was Bubbles, a calico (white, black, and orange splotches) longhair, who I, being a little guy, would chase Bubbles around. She was scared of me. Same deal with the next oldest cat: Angel, a shorthair with smoke-grey fur and a white belly and paws. She had such a soft coat. The youngest cat was Felix, a cat I can never forget. He was orange, large, fat, lazy, and incredibly loving. He wanted no more than a nice meal, nice sleep, and a loving friend or few. The few times he tried to run, it was more of a hilarious wobble. We also had a dog, seven breeds in him I was told, named Grizzly, after what he looks like; a slightly smaller grizzly bear with a lighter coat. He was an outside dog, but somehow he managed to stay a good boy. Ran me over once when I was really little resulting in my fear of him for too long, but a good boy, loving and happy. It’s sad that he lived and died an outside dog while the rest of my family and me lived our lives inside.

So after Bubbles died, we got another calico longhair, also female: Daisy. If you so much as walked past her she’d complain in her sheep-baa of a meow. She’s slightly better now, but still seems to hate everything. Mental. After Angel died, we waited. Then Felix died, so now we had one cat. Not good enough. We got our current youngest cat: Hunter, the black-and-white shorthair who’s probably our best cat yet. He loves to hunt, as his name implies, although that was more of a coincidence since we named him before he brought in anything. He loves to play. Sometimes he gets into a state of bouncing-off-the-walls; as in, he runs around the house at full throttle as if escaping an invisible mini-nuke. At some point after Grizzly died, we got a doberman pincher, a black dog with brown patches around specific spots: Diesel. His number-one favourite thing in the world is to beg for attention. He also has plenty of chew toys and can sniff one out from anywhere, even if we haven’t introduced him to it yet.

We also had some goldfish at some point. And we had chickens which we kept for eggs (and, when they stop laying eggs, meat). And we also had a couple of bunnies, one after the other, one of which would chase Felix around, nibbling his legs. Another kind of pet we had were guinea pigs. My room still had the three-story cage we kept the bunnies and guinea pigs in, hand-made by my dad. It’s awesome. We also had some frogs and I can almost guarantee that I’m missing some other pets.

I swear I don’t usually post about my pets.

Author: Adam (from Yell of the Grasshopper)

I am almost always doing something, usually digitally. High school student.

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